Tudor Rose Key Ring

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Ruling for just about 118 years, the Tudor dynasty had some of the most memorable kings and queens of England, including the likes of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. This Tudor Rose Key Ring offers up the seal of this dynasty as an everyday accent, one that can you feature with ease, just by attaching it to your person. The Tudor rose is the traditional floral heraldic emblem of England, and was created by Henry VII after he won the crown from Richard III in battle, during the War of the Roses. In color, the emblem depicts a white rose inside of a red rose. In this keychain, which is made entirely from fine, polished pewter, the whole emblem has a lovely darkened silver coloration, although the details, including the roses petals, are clearly visible. The Tudor rose is attached to a short chain with a key-ring link, which allows it to easily hold keys, connect to other key rings, and be latched on to other links and loops, too. Relatively low in cost yet high in detail, this Tudor Rose Key Ring is a fine little accent for anyone to feature, one that can become an everyday piece that both owner and onlooker are sure to enjoy, thanks to its historical design and its impressive detail.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely from Fine, Polished, Lead-Free Pewter
  • Modeled After the Shape and Form of the Famous Tudor Rose
  • Based, Historically, on the Emblem Created by Henry VII
  • Possesses a Small Size with an Immense Amount of Detail
  • A Fantastic Gift Idea, Collectible, or Personal Accent


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