Tree Of Life And Pentagram Ouija Board


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A typical Ouija board is marked with letters, numbers, and symbols. The Tree of Life and Pentagram Ouija board meets these criteria, but far exceeds what one would expect an actual Ouija board to look like, by leaps and bounds. As decorative as it is, this Ouija board is better suited for display then for use, although it performs just fine in either capacity. The board takes the form of a cracked, stone-colored octagon. The alphabet begins near the bottom of the board and runs clockwise in a circle around the board, broken up only by the words yes and no which are located in recessed indentions into the board. A circular wood-like Celtic knot forms the next layer, providing separation between the alphabet and the numbers, which form an arch across the top half of the inner board. Opposite the numbers is the message Goodbye. At the heart of the board is a gnarled old tree decorated with more Celtic knots, as well as a simple pentagram. The planchette is also a small octagon, and it features two faintly inscribed squares, as well as a pentagram and a Celtic tree surrounded by a loop of Celtic knots. The entire board is made from cold cast resin and painted to resemble stone and wood, while several decorative, simulated green stones are placed around the board as decoration as well. While the Tree of Life and Pentagram Ouija board is just a game, we warn that it is not safe to play with things that are not fully understood. Having said that, this Ouija board is an incredibly attractive piece that is sure to catch the eye of spiritualists, believers, and non-believers alike.

Key Features:

  • Based on Classic Ouija Board Design
  • Features A Glass Top
  • Incredibly Detailed
  • Made from Hand-Painted Cold Cast Resin


  • Width: 14 Inches


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