Tree Beard Pen Holder


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Do you think that a Greenman with roots for a beard ever gets knots? Was that a bad pun? The Tree Beard Pen Holder must have this problem fairly often because the roots that make up the Greenmans beard are all woven together! This cold cast resin pen holder has been crafted in the shape of a tree-based Greenman, whose hair is made up of tree branches and whose beard is made up of tree roots. This nature fantasy pen cup has been hand painted for incredible details, such as rosy cheeks. Green leaves occasionally sprout from the side of the Greenmans face, while blue butterflies flit around the roots of his beard. Bring a flair of fantasy to your office or home when you use this cup to hold your pens or add it to your collection of Greenman themed items!

Key Features:

  • Displays hand painted color accents
  • Possesses intricate details
  • Hollow middle for organizing pens and pencils
  • An excellent piece of fantasy themed home or office decor


  • Made from cold cast resin


  • Height: 6 Inches


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