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Some people have little angels hovering over their shoulders, and other have little devils. You? Well, if you are wearing this Traditional Dragon Ear Stud, you have neither. Instead, you have something much cooler as your guide, that thing being a dragon. This dragon stud earring recreates the shape of a classic dragon in miniature, allowing you to infuse a bit of medieval fantasy into your fashion with ease. The earring consists of two parts, the stud, which is the dragons head, and the backer, which is the body. The stud is connected to a surgical steel post, which passes through the ear like a traditional earring. It is then attached to the backer, which has a long, scaly body, complete with fins on the spine and a barbed tail. Together, the two pieces create the look of having a large earring in your ear, which also makes it look as if your lobe is slightly stretched, as well. The earring is made entirely in fine English pewter, which lends a silver look to the metal, and it is offered as a single earring, which can be easily worn in either ear. Another added fun feature of this earring is that you can mix and match it with other earrings, to create asymmetrical sets, further adding fun appeal to your look and style, too. The Traditional Dragon Ear Stud offers a unique alternative and a fine accessory for those who want to bring something eccentric and unique into their wardrobe. Better yet, it is an accent that can be worn casually, everyday if you desire, with the greatest of ease.

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Key Features:

  • Made From Fine English Pewter
  • Depicts An Impressively Detailed Dragons Head
  • Features a Scaled and Spined Dragon Tail Backer Stud
  • Gives the Look of Subtle Lobe Stretching
  • Offered as a Single Stud-Earring
  • Features a Surgical Steel Post
  • Fits Either Ear with Ease
  • A Gothic Accessory that is Great for Everyday Wear


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