Thoughtful Fairyland Fairy Statue


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Fairies are just as prone to thoughtful moments as anyone else. Humans do not see them often simply because we do not see fairies often! This Thoughtful Fairyland Fairy Statue immortalizes a moment so it can be seen with ease. And indeed, it is quite the moment to witness, especially given that this pixie is a pretty subject to see with her delicate features and her flowing brown hair as it billows in the wind. She kneels atop a reddish-brown toadstool and rests her elbows atop another, while her chin rests atop her interlocked hands in an expression of thoughtful worry. The fairy wears a yellow dress with a purple cincher, as well as purple boots and blue stockings, which match the color of her purple and blue wings. The statue is crafted in cold cast resin, and it is also hand-painted to bring a sense of lively color to its every detail. Natural beauty and fairy detailing make this Thoughtful Fairyland Fairy Statue a lovely accent, one that is easy to enjoy and easier still to come by, thanks to the low, affordable cost of this fairy figurine.

Key Features:

  • Made from Fine Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand-painted in Vivid and Stunning Colors
  • Depicts a Thoughtful Fairy Atop a Pair of Toadstools
  • Possesses an Extreme Level of Detail
  • A Fine Home Decor Piece, Collectible, and Gift Idea


  • Height: 5.25 Inches


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