Thor Ragnarok Valkyrie Rock Candy Figure

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Depicting the hard-hitting head-hunter known as Valkyrie, the Thor Ragnarok Valkyrie Rock Candy Figure is a must-have for those who found themselves in love with the MCUs incredible portrayal of the Asgardian comic book character. Made from vinyl in the style that makes Rock Candy figures so unique, this amazing statue portrays the mighty Asgardian, Valkyrie, in her blue-trimmed, silver and gold armour, which contrasts nicely against her dark hair. She wears a blue cape on her back and wields her twin swords, standing with her knees bent in a combat-ready stance. Add this fierce warrior statue to your home decor or Marvel themed collection and bring a noble flair wherever you put her!

Key Features:

  • A licensed Marvel collectible
  • Displays a cartoon-like style
  • An ideal piece of comic book themed decor


  • Made from vinyl


  • Height: 5 Inches


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