The Wormwood Tree Absinthe Shot Glass


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A drink as refined and famous as absinthe deserves to have a special vessel. The Wormwood Tree Absinthe Shot Glass is a decadent choice to use when you want to enjoy, neat, the gratifyingly creative delights of this distinctive drink. This elegantly styled shot glass features a unique twist on the traditional design, possessing a short stem in pewter that depicts an array of wormwood leaves, set around a central skull. The glass itself features flared edges and a unique shape that, when filled with absinthe (or any other colored liquid) creates a truly memorable sight. To enjoy your spirit or your absinthe in refined class, you need only enjoy it from The Wormwood Tree Absinthe Shot Glass.

Key Features:

  • An elegant and attractive shot glass
  • Pewter stem is decorated with wormwood leaves and skulls
  • Glass has a unique and memorable shape
  • An appealing decorative piece or gift idea
  • Perfect for enjoying spirits of all sorts


  • Crafted with fine glass and English pewter


  • Height: 123 mm (Approx. 4.75 inches)


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