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The Steam-Saw Trepanator Necklace

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This steampunk necklace is an example of neo-Victorian experimental neurotechnology instrumentation at its finest! The Steam-Saw Trepanator Necklace is a portable device that allows any surgeon to execute a trephination. Trephination is the act of a surgeon cutting or drilling a hole in the head to relieve pressure and thus, relieve cranial illnesses and maladies. This surreal looking necklace is a tool utilized by Steampunk styled doctors to perform such a surgery. This accessory consists of multi-toned pewter in the shape of a surgical tool, more specifically a saw. The tool features instrumentation along the top, likely for measuring angle and depth, while the bottom features a rotating brass blade. Attached to the top of the tool is a metal chain that is perfect for comfortably wearing this tool around and always keeping it well within easy reach. No Steampunk doctor kit is complete unless they have the latest and greatest tools of their trade, which means that if your Steampunk doctor is not wearing one of these Steam-Saw Trepanator Necklaces around their neck, they are not as up-to-date as they need to be. And if you are a Steampunk doctor, do not be caught without one!

Key Features:

  • Cast and Hand-Made from Fine English Pewter
  • Impressive and Intricately Designed
  • Includes A Nickel-free chain
  • Features 4-Toned Pewter Rotating Saw Blade
  • Looks Great with Casual, Everyday Looks
  • A Great Gift or Accessory for Gothic and Steampunk Enthusiasts


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