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The Medieval World: An Illustrated Atlas


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Sumptuously illustrating the vivid parade of a thousand years of history, this comprehensive historical atlas concentrates on the Mediterranean world but also shows what happened across the globe between A.D. 400 and 1500, from the fall of Rome to the age of discovery. Every page glistens with period works of art, fascinating maps, quotes from medieval figures, close-ups of intriguing artifacts, and rich landscape photographs of the places where battles were fought and monarchs were crowned. For every century, a signature city is spotlighted to represent that eras developments. Time lines connect the many dramatic events that took place in these dark and exciting times, which continue to shape our world today. Written by a team of veteran National Geographic writers, this richly illustrated reference includes full index, reading list, and glossary. In essence, this book is a guide that shows off the poignant events of the medieval world, giving readers and observers greater insight into the historic world that has helped to shape modern society today. Medieval enthusiasts will greatly appreciate this book as a resource, and even the eternal student will find that The Medieval World: An Illustrated Atlas is a book that as a few interesting tidbits that are worth noting.

Key Features:

  • ISBN Number: 978-1-4262-0533-0
  • A Hardcover Resource Book
  • An Illustrated Atlas of the Medieval World
  • Contains Both Maps and Illustrations of the Ancient World
  • A Great Resource and Collectible for Medieval Enthusiasts


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