The J-32m Electrical Telegraph Finger Tapper Ring

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Traveling makes it hard to maintain good lines of communication. Now however, you can take the J-32m Electrical Telegraph Finger Tapper Ring wherever you go, ensuring that you always have a way to get a message to the rest of the world. A precursor to modern communication as it is known today, this ring depicts a model of a straight-key Morse transmitter. The device is quite elaborate, and that complex design helps to make it look all the more realistic. The ring is made of tri-toned pewter, with the bar and mechanism being almost solid gray, while the key and base are copper in color. A single pair of gold fasteners decorates the contraption as well. The best part about this ring is that the tapper is fully articulated, meaning you can actually tap out messages and codes. The J-32m Electrical Telegraph Finger Tapper Ring is a great Steampunk-styled gizmo that no mad scientist, traveler, or explorer should ever be without. This ring looks like real-world tech given an antiquated, Steampunk-styled flare and for that reason, fits perfectly into a Steampunk world.

Key Features:

  • Made from tri-toned pewter
  • A realistic looking morse transmitter ring
  • Tapper actually moves up and down to tap
  • Attractive technological style
  • Great for Every Day Wear or Costume Use

Ring Size Chart:

  • Q: Size 8.5
  • T: Size 9.5
  • W: Size 11
  • Y: Size 12


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