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The Hobbit – Fili’s LARP Sword

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More often than not, dwarf weapons were designed to be practical and effective, and in the case of the sword of the young dwarf, Fili, that is especially true, as this blades hard angles and razor edge make it a lethal tool for any warrior to wield. The Hobbit – Filis LARP Sword is patterned after the very same blade that the young dwarf Fili wielded, often in a matched pair, with devastating effect against goblins, trolls, and all manner of other foes. In the hilt, the weapon is similar to a gladius, featuring a broad, flat-bottomed pommel and a uniquely styled grip that provides a secure hold, as well as a rounded yet small guard. The blade, though, is what makes this sword unique, as its straight edge is remarkably similar to a razor or a cleaver. The resulting design looks perfect for hewing through your enemies, while also allowing this blade to behave a bit like an axe with potent chopping power. As a LARP weapon, this sword is superbly balanced and incredibly hardy, as well as remarkably safe for use. It is crafted from heavy foam latex and sealed in a rubber coating, giving it spring and strength. A fiberglass core ensures that the weapon remains appropriately shaped and solid, while still giving it some flex to bend when under duress. Like his brother, Fili was brave and skilled, and his sword of choice bespeaks his brutal style and his dwarven heritage. And in the hands of a new warrior, The Hobbit – Filis LARP Sword will serve you as well as the original served its dwarf master, allowing you to cleave and hew your way to victory.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the Sword from The Hobbit Film
  • Made Using Quality Materials
  • Features a Foam Latex Outer Shell
  • Sealed in a Hardy, Rubber Coating
  • Reinforced with a Fiberglass Core
  • Handles Extremely Well
  • Uniquely Formed Handle Provides a Secure Hold
  • A Solid and Sturdy LARP Weapon
  • Great for Sparring, Practicing, Theatrics, or LARP Events
  • Approved by Many LARP Groups
  • Has an Extremely Detailed Look


  • Overall Length: 33 inches

Please be aware that these are handmade items and that measurements can vary slightly from what is shown here.


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