The Hobbit – Bilbo’s Glowing Sting LARP Sword

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Like many of the elven weapons of Gondolin, Sting had magic woven into its steel. The swords blade was said to glow with blue light when orcs and goblins were near, warning an observant wielder to be cautious, as danger was near. The Hobbit – Bilbos Glowing Sting LARP Sword is a recreation of that same sword, drawn during a moment when orcs are nearest. The sword is essentially Sting in shape and form, featuring the same leaf-blade that serves well in slashing and thrusting, as well as the short design that makes it a perfect short sword for either full-sized adventurers or hobbit-sized burglars. The same etched line trails from the curled guard down half the blades length, while the hilt features the beautiful, rich wood tones, inlaid with spiraling white-silver vines and leaves. What sets this sword apart, though, is that almost luminescent blue hue of the blade that recreates Stings pale blue glow. As a LARP weapon, this sword is superbly balanced and incredibly hardy, as well as remarkably safe for use. It is crafted from heavy foam latex and sealed in a rubber coating, giving it spring and strength. A fiberglass core runs the length of the blade, ending approximately 2.5 inches before the tip, allowing it to flex and bend when necessary. Wielders beware, for there is danger about! The Hobbit – Bilbos Glowing Sting LARP Sword allows you to wield this impressive blade in real battle conditions, and if you face orcs and goblins, so much the better, as this blades glow lets you know that they really are out there, waiting for a fight.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the Sword from The Hobbit Film
  • Sealed in a Hardy, Rubber Coating
  • Reinforced with a Fiberglass Core
  • Handles Extremely Well
  • Rubber Grip Handle Provides a Secure Hold
  • A Solid and Sturdy LARP Weapon
  • Great for Sparring, Practicing, Theatrics, or LARP Events
  • Approved by Many LARP Groups
  • Has an Extremely Detailed Look


  • Made with a foam latex outer shell
  • Handle is made from rubber


  • Overall Length: 26 inches

Please be aware that these are handmade items and that measurements can vary slightly from what is shown here.


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