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The Alchemist Shot Glass

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Even an ageless figure like the legendary Alchemist likes to enjoy a nice spirit every now and then, and The Alchemist Shot Glass, touched by his likeness, makes the perfect vessel for him and others to enjoy their own favorite spirits. This gothic shot glass features the likeness of the Alchemist, known firstly as Amzer, in his base form. It depicts a skull that has been branded with an A on its forehead with a rose clenched between its teeth. The emblem is rendered in polished pewter, while the glass itself is a traditional shot glass. It is safe to use with all beverages. Collectors will find that The Alchemist Shot Glass makes for a great addition to their collection, while others still will see that this shot glass is a great way to ensure that even when you have a drink, you can do so with impressive levels of gothic style.

Key Features:

  • Made from quality pewter and glass
  • Features the classic gothic Alchemist emblem
  • Displays a pewter medallion displaying a skull
  • Safe to use with all beverages
  • A great addition to personal bars or collections
  • Not dishwasher safe


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