Tattoo Gun Stud Earrings

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Just as an artist has appreciation for the brush or a writer for the pen, a tattoo enthusiast can now show their love for the gun. These Tattoo Gun Stud Earrings are an urban take on gothic jewelry, perfect for any edgy look. Needles have long been the medium of delivering a tattoo, and in that regard, the tradition has not changed, as ink guns today still utilize needles to deliver ink into the skin to create stunning works of art. These earrings recreate the look of the modern tattoo gun as most know it, rendering them in as impressive detail as size can allow. The end result is quite impressive and results in a pair of miniaturized needle guns that look almost real, except for their size. Each one is crafted from fine English pewter that features a finish that can be likened to polished steel, which completes the modern tattoo gun image. Being stud style earrings, they do require pierced ears to wear. Each one has a surgical steel post with a matched plastic butterfly for easy and convenient wearing. If you have an interest or a love for tattoos, then these earrings might be right up your alley, and if you like to show off eccentric and edgy urban styles, then these Tattoo Gun Stud Earrings will cater to your preferred look, too.

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Key Features:

  • Made from fine English pewter
  • Displays tattoo gun design
  • Includes matching pair of stud earrings
  • Requires pierced ears to wear
  • Great gothic accessory or gift idea


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