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Sword and Gun Wall Display Stand


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If you find yourself with a significant number of swords, pistols or other replica weapons, then perhaps this Sword and Gun Wall Display Stand is just the thing you have been looking for, as it will transform all your weapons into a single great display. This stand is simple yet attractive, possessing a hardwood finish that looks great on its own, although like any good stand, it would look even better when complemented by an assortment of various pistols, blades, and assorted other weapons. It features two rows of pegs that are perfect for holding pistols of all sorts, as well as blades and weapons of various sizes. The rack measures approximately 41 inches tall and has an overall width of 7 inches. Please note that the rack is shown filled with pistols to show how many it can hold. These pistols are not included. If you are displaying purely pistols and other small items, this rack will hold up to a maximum of 18 items, although larger items might require more pegs and thus will take up more room. Even so, though, this Sword and Gun Wall Display Stand is a great way to really display your collection, whether it is made up of pistols, daggers, rifles, swords, or any combination of arms from across the centuries.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Quality Wood
  • Double Lined with Pegs for Versatile Displaying Options
  • Great for Pistols, Swords, Daggers, and More
  • Holds Up to 18 Weapons


  • Height: 41 Inch
  • Width: 7 Inches


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