Surah Fantasy Figurine


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Happiness has made its way back to Surah. She has returned home after being held prisoner for a long time in the kingdom of the shadow elves. Back to her twin sister Sera and Princess Eleya. And look how she has already changed! The incredible pallor of her skin has given way to soft pink, her wings shine resplendent in gleaming blue, interwoven with white, green and golden shimmering tips. When she flies over the sun-drenched meadows and forests of Summergreen, the elf headquarters, she is lovelier than the loveliest birds in the land. Wherever she is, her friends chirp and flutter around her and the entire world beams with joy. And when, one day, her little green bird returns to her, her happiness is complete. Just like Sera, Surah is also sent on a long journey where she encounters new perils, great adventures and also a new friend. This toy is made to the highest possible standards. It is crafted from a variety of different plastics, mixed with a softener, to ensure both an incredible level of durability and a soft touch. It is also richly colored and impressively detailed, making it a toy that any child can enjoy. Not to mention, this Surah Fantasy Figurine will help to create hours of fun fantasy play for any child who picks it up, making it a perfect gift for any young child to own, enjoy, and collect!

Key Features:

  • A stellar fantasy styled toy
  • Crafted from quality plastics
  • Made with a safe softener for a delightful feel
  • Possesses an immense level of detail
  • A very durable toy and collectible
  • A great plaything for any child to own


  • Height: 5.5 Inches


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