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He leaps into the air, zooming toward the sun. His red cape becomes a dot in the sky. Our hero is gone, but witnesses remember the symbol marking his chest. Now you too can view his classic emblem with the Superman Logo Sticker. On first glance, the red S symbol appears simply to be an initial for the Man of Steel. Yet to the son of Krypton, it means much more. His planet and family may be gone, but he will represent them. The diamond enclosed S is not only a symbol of hope for Kryptonians, but the inhabitants of earth as well. Make this DC Comics sticker a prized addition to your Superman collection.

Key Features:

    • Decorative DC Comics vinyl sticker
    • Designed with the mighty logo of the Man of Steel
    • Features the –S- in diamond symbol, a Kryptonian symbol of hope
    • Follows the classic red and gold color scheme
    • A perfect addition to your Superman collection


    • Approximate Size: 4 Inches


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