Suede Musketeer Hat



The elite personal guard of France’s king, the Royal Musketeers are the pure definition of swashbuckler: armed with pistol and rapier, these highly mobile, debonair, and charming soldiers were as good at stealing hearts as they were protecting their lord from harm. Today, you can join these storied ranks of graceful and fearless fighters with our Suede Musketeer Hat! Painstakingly recreated from historical documents and beautifully appointed in black suede and with embroidered trip available in either blue or red, this elegant chapeau features a matching buckled headband and antique button that affixes one side of the brim in place to provide a suitably rakish look. An ingenious inner wire hidden within that brim keeps this suede hat looking its best no matter what adventures you get up to while wearing it. Toss in a few plumes from your favorite fowl and you’ll cut a dashing figure at the next Renaissance fair for sure! Comes in either Small/Medium or Large/X-Large.

Key Features:

  • Great for Musketeer or other Renaissance looks
  • Black hat features elegant trim in red or blue
  • Features an antique button accent and buckled hat band
  • Inner wire keeps shape of brim
  • Add your own feather plumes for additional style


  • Made of suede


  • Small/Medium: Fits a 22 Inch Head Circumference
  • Large/X-Large: Fits a 24 Inch Head Circumference


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