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Traditionally worn under armor, padded protection like this Stitched Sleeve Gambeson fulfills a wide array of purposes. First and foremost, though, it enhances protection, making any accompanied suit of armor that much more effective in battle. It is made entirely from recycled woolen padding that is aligned in thick ribs of fabric in a vertical pattern. This arrangement creates long pads that help absorb shock, reducing the impact of any strikes, attacks, or blows that reach you. More than that, though, the gambeson also enhances the comfort of a suit of armor, ensuring that the steel (or leather, or mail) does not chafe or rub your skin. This arming gambeson possesses a tall collar and a short, laced-up neckline, with a long length that falls to the knees (on the average wearer). It also features full length sleeves, which are stitched to the shoulders via removable lacing, allowing you to remove the sleeves if need-be. Versatile and slightly modular, this Stitched Sleeve Gambeson is a hefty suit of padded protection that no warrior should ever be without when they don their armor and march into battle!

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely From Fine Recycled Woolen Padding
  • Offers Thick, Heavy Padding
  • Stitched Sleeves are Fully Removable
  • A Great Underlay for Any Armored Look
  • Helps to Lessen the Force of Received Attacks
  • Great for Making Armor More Comfortable to Wear
  • Well-Suited for a Variety of Authentic Medieval Warrior Looks


  • Small/Medium/Large: Fits up to a 48 Inch Chest
  • X-Large/XX-Large: Fits up to a 56 Inch Chest


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