Sterling Silver Elemental Water Ring



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Water is the element of adaptability and purity, and nowhere in jewelry is that concept as well represented as it is in this Sterling Silver Elemental Water Ring. The design of the ring is specifically focused one evoking the image of flowing water. Water is widely considered to be a positive element, but never a passive one. Water is fluid and flowing. Water is also a very beautiful element, as still, serene lakes are every bit as beautiful and inspiring as the crashing power of a cascading waterfall. It is also considered to be a healing element, one capable of cleansing others of their maladies and renewing the soul. The ring is crafted from sterling silver and features an elegantly abstract pattern that is modeled after the cascade of a waterfall. At the center of the ring is an attractive little gemstone. The ring measures 10.4mm from top to bottom and measures 4.3mm wide at the back of the band. The ring weighs approximately 7.1 grams, although ring weight and measurements can vary slightly depending on the size of the ring ordered. Anyone whose elemental attunement is aligned with water will find that this Sterling Silver Elemental Water Ring is a great choice as far as personal accessories go, and even those who are born under a different element can wear this ring with the hopes that it may, perhaps, imbue them with the temperance, the power, and any of waters other positive qualities.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Quality Sterling Silver
  • Inspired by the Element of Water
  • Possesses a Rich and Detailed Design
  • Features Abstract Water Patterns and a Gemstone Decoration
  • Great for Casual Wearing or Costume Use
  • An Excellent Personal Accessory or Great Gift Idea


  • The ring runs true to traditional US ring sizes


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