Sterling Silver Eerie Skull Stud Earrings

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A quick first glance might leave you thinking this is only an ordinary human skull. A second glance, however, might help you to note the creepy details featured in the design of the Sterling Silver Eerie Skull Stud Earrings. For one thing, the number of teeth exposed on this skull seems a little excessive, stretching all the way around the sides of the jaw to the back of the head. Deep sutures mar the top of the cranium, as well, almost as though the skull had been cracked open and stapled back together. Crafted from sterling silver, this skull has a bright gleam that only emphasizes the dark eye sockets. These skull earrings are sure to be favorites around Halloween or go great any time of year when you want that extra bit of gothic style!

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Key Features:

  • Crafted from sterling silver
  • Displays grinning skull design
  • Great gothic jewelry
  • An ideal gift or personal accessory
  • Comes in a matched pair of post earrings
  • Requires pierced ears to wear


  • Width: 0.39 Inch


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