Sterling Silver Berserker Wolf Pendant


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Old Norse mythology tells of Berserkers, warriors who fought savagely in battle in coats of wolf fur. The intricate Sterling Silver Berserker Wolf Pendant is a great way to incorporate this legend into your style. Crafted entirely from solid sterling silver, this pendant depicts the symbol of these untamed warriors known as Ulfheonar who were also referred to as Odins special warriors. This symbol features a wolf wound around a spear, the weapon of choice for these warriors. A banner at the top of the pendant reads Ulfheonar in runes, with wolf heads at either end through which a chain can be looped. This piece comes as a pendant only, giving you the chance to personalize it with your favorite chain or cord. Fans of Norse culture will surely go berserk for this Sterling Silver Berserker Wolf Pendant!

Make this pendant into a necklace by wearing it with our Stainless Steel Box Chain (WH-WH-CN03002) or Stainless Steel Snake Chain (WH-CN03008). For a more rugged option, check out our 25-30 Inch Black Leather Lace (HW-701010) or Brown Leather Lace (HW-701011).

Key Features:

  • An original design from sculptor Paul Borda
  • Crafted from solid sterling silver
  • Depicts the symbol of the Berserker warriors
  • Features a wolf wrapped around a spear
  • Pendant is great to wear with your favorite chain or cord
  • Great for personal wear or for gifting


  • Length: 2.25 Inches
  • Width: 1.25 Inch


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