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Sterling Silver Asha’man Dragon Cufflinks

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The Wheel of Time is a grand story that takes readers into a true unique world of fantasy. And there they will meet the Ashaman of the Black Tower, who are instantly recognizable thanks to accessories like these Sterling Silver Ashaman Dragon Cufflinks. Ashaman is a rank bestowed upon students of the Black Tower who have achieved considerable rank within the hierarchy of the Tower. In fact, ashaman is the highest rank that a student can achieve, and its members are easy to note, thanks to their dragon and sword pins. This impressive adornment is half of the ashaman decoration in a slightly different style, being modeled after the pin but rendered as handsome cufflinks, instead. The dragon is impressively detailed and is affixed to a stud and post style cufflink for easy and quick use. The cufflinks come as a matched pair and are crafted from fine sterling silver. The dragon measures approximately 0.5 inches tall, just over 1.125 inches long, and about 0.0625 inches thick. The cufflinks weigh approximately 7.7 grams. Paired with a nice jacket or suit coat, these Sterling Silver Ashaman Dragon Cufflinks are sure to make for a stunning personal statement that works wonders when it comes to adding that personal and mystical touch to your own choice of formal wear.

Key Features:

  • A Licensed Wheel of Time Accessory
  • Crafted from Fine Sterling Silver
  • Modeled After the Ashaman Rank Pin
  • Has a Distinctive Dragon Design
  • A Pair of Stud and Post Style Cufflinks
  • Great for Costume Use or for Formal Attire
  • An Excellent Personal Accessory or Great Gift Idea


  • Cufflink Height: 0.5 Inches
  • Cufflink Length: 1.125 Inches
  • Cufflink Thickness: 0.0625 Inches


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