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A mounted knight had to be wary of enemy attack to their feet. Play the part of a medieval cavalryman protecting themselves with the Steel Sabatons. Crafted from 16 gauge steel, these foot guards feature multiple layers to cover the foot for greater flexibility. Rivets secure the layers together. These guards secure to the feet with a set of straps and buckles. The straps and buckles attach to the top of the sabatons. The buckles are on the inside of the foot while the straps are attached on the outside. They have a pair of holes to attach other armour, not included. It comes with laces for the holes. One set of holes are on the tip of the feet and another at the top of the sabatons. This pair of foot armour is ideal for Renaissance faires and reenactments.

This item is handmade, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Multiple layers for greater flexibility
  • Riveted design
  • Secures with straps and buckles
  • Covers over the top of the foot
  • Great for faires and reenactments


  • Made from 16 gauge steel

Care Instructions:


  • Width: 7 Inches
  • Length: 12 Inches
  • Inner Circumference: 12-20 Inches
  • Lace Length: 19 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

6 reviews for Steel Sabatons

  1. 164moore (verified owner)

    I took a long shot on these, and it paid off. These sabatons are EXCELLENT! The measurements can be a bit misleading. They are listed as 12” in length, but that is the bottom curve around the foot to the point of the toe. The actual steel segments are about 10” long, as based on a 12” ruler. I strapped them onto a US size 9 combat boot, and the fit was perfect. No stupid ‘clown shoes’ here. The leather lacing on top went right into the eyelets on my boots for a secure fit. I never thought in my life that I would ever find a pair of sabatons this good for this price. The quality truly does outweigh the cost. I’ve seen custom-made sabatons for over $600, but for the price, these are BETTER. The articulation is smooth, and the strapping is heavy-duty. The rivets seem strong, and should last for generations.
    I wanted to knock this down to a 4-star, but I can’t. They arrived with small scuffs and scratches on an otherwise ‘mirror-polish’. This was probably due to the manufacturing process, and is just about unavoidable. I’ll take a Skotch-Brite and steel wool to mine…scuffs be damned!
    With the exception of a good pair of steel gauntlets, these are the crowning glory of my ‘budget’ armor buying. Get ’em. Kick a** in style. You won’t regret it…………McM

  2. William Fisher (verified owner)

    I bought these for a display kit and thought I’d go for it at their cheap price. The only thing at all wrong was one rivet missing on one side of one sabaton. It was a super easy fix, so I can’t complain for the price.

    Other than that, they’re fantastic. They having great articulation and are wide enough to fit perfectly with the wrap around greaves that I bought with them.

    I think the part I like the most is that they aren’t too tall, so that I can wear them with my generic size 10 boot, they aren’t clanking on the ground with every step.

    Over all, pretty pleased.

  3. Steven Garriga (verified owner)

    I wear a size 13 boot, and their width fits perfectly
    They’re comfortable and they don’t just clank around, I can run and move just fine with them
    But They’re a bit short on my boot, so they definitely fit like caps

    But I also got big feet, I’m very happy either way!

  4. Sean McCallister (verified owner)

    Nice and easy to adjust and took a hit from a synthetic greatsword without issue. Good fit if fastened right and don’t limit range of motion any worse than the combat boots do already.

  5. usfirstinfantrydivision (verified owner)

    These Steel Sabatons are well made, but on the big side, in the classic one size fits most. I have the feet of a Roman Emperor so short and wide = 8.5 wide. So they were way to big for my leather arming boots, they did how ever fit over my regular tennis shoes. For the price these are pretty good just be aware them are on the big side.

  6. Justus Bertoni (verified owner)

    Great Sabatons! I wear size 11 boots and they fit great. Most armour I buy is a little big for me but these are a good size. I wear them over the raimund boots. When I first opened them, they where built wider at the ankle instead of the toe cap when it should be reverse. With some bending you can get it to look like the pictures, though. They are a little pointy so my feet click on wood floors, but that would probably not be a problem for everyone. The sabatons look a little different as one is built a little taller but it’s pretty hard to notice, and for this price, how could I complain? House of Warfare made a great piece once again! God bless! Ephesians 6:15

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