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Steampunk Timepiece Lace Collar

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Travel back in time to the Victorian era with this spectacular steampunk choker collar! The Steampunk Timepiece Lace Collar fans around your neck in a dramatic display of lace and steampunk ornamentation. Several sections of gear details rest around this brown choker, contrasting the black lace with golden and brown gears. At the center of this piece sits a Roman numeral clock surrounded by a red and brown net of vines. Buttoning at the back, this collar rests around your throat in a dramatic display of Victorian elegance. Whether you want to draw attention at your next formal gathering or simply appreciate the unique fashion of the steampunk genre, this collar will suit your needs to a tee!

Key Features:

  • Black lace collar contrasts the brown leather-like choker
  • Features several gear ornaments and a Roman numeral clock
  • Collar buttons at the back
  • Makes a fine addition to steampunk ensembles


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