Steampunk Striped Peasant Dress

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Anyone can enjoy the playful look of the flared skirt and lace trim that this dress displays. The Steampunk Striped Peasant Dress shows off black and brown stripes with a brown section hugging the waist of the piece. The bottom hem of the skirt extends with 4 inches of white lace trim. The neckline and puffed sleeves are elasticated and gathered to create a crinkle effect. An 18-inch back zipper fastens the dress. You can create a number of fun looks by combining this dress with different accessories!

Key Features:

  • Neckline and sleeves are elasticated
  • Black and brown striped skirt ends in white lace trim
  • Does not included pictured collar or shoes
  • Dress zips in the back
  • Looks great with steampunk accessories


  • Size 8: 32.3 Inch bust, 22.8 Inch waist, 34 Inch length
  • Size 10: 34.3 Inch bust, 24.8 Inch waist, 34 Inch length
  • Size 12: 36.2 Inch bust, 26.8 Inch waist, 34 Inch length
  • Size 14: 38.2 Inch bust, 28.7 Inch waist, 34 Inch length
  • Size 16: 40.2 Inch bust, 30.7 Inch waist, 34 Inch length
  • Size 18: 42.1 Inch bust, 32.7 Inch waist, 34 Inch length
  • Bust and waist are approximate body measurements. Measure yourself without clothing.


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