Steampunk Single Eye Lighted Gear Goggles

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A necessary part of any stunning steampunk ensemble, the prevalence of goggles in neo-Victorian fashion came from the growth of industry during the period. The Steampunk Single Eye Lighted Gear Goggles make a dramatic accessory. Available in brown or black versions, these steampunk goggles cover a single eye with a protruding design of gears and metal details. A color-changing LED light adds charm to these fashion goggles, shining through the center of the eye piece. A knob on the inside allows you to change the color as desired. The Neo-Victorian goggles wrap around your head, adjusting at the back for a comfortable fit. Take your cosplay outfit to the next level with the addition of this steampunk accessory!

Key Features:

  • Made from metal, leather, and faux leather
  • Available in black or brown
  • Strap adjusts sizing at the back
  • Features a color-changing LED light
  • Makes a great accessory for steampunk outfits


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