Steampunk Map Strap Clasp Underbust Corset


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Exploring new lands offers unparalleled opportunity for adventure and discovery. Show off your own passion for the excitement and danger of exploration by wearing the Steampunk Map Strap Clasp Underbust Corset. The design features a tan color that creates an aged look, while map markings and notes cover the material. Three metal clasps close this underbust in the front, while the corset laces in the back to allow size adjustment. The clasps attach to a pair of internal strips of metal called a busk. There are two pieces of flat boning, one on each side of the busk. The lacing runs through grommets. On each side of the grommets, there is additional flat boning. The flat boning and busk help to distribute tension along the length of the corset. The sides of the corset have spiral metal boning that help with supporting and tightening the corset. Shoulder straps provide additional support as they connect to the high back of the piece. Whether you adore steampunk fashion or enjoy tales of explorations past and present, this corset makes a fantastic piece to enjoy in your wardrobe!

Key Features:

  • Design includes plastic boning
  • Displays an antique map print
  • Ideal for steampunk looks
  • Shoulder straps provide additional support
  • Corset opens with clasps at the front and laces at the back

Size 18 20-22 inches
Size 20 22-24 inches
Size 22 24-26 inches
Size 24 26-28 inches
Size 26 28-30 inches
Size 28 30-32 inches
Size 30 32-34 inches
Size 32 34-36 inches
Size 34 36-38 inches
Size 36 38-40 inches
Size 38 40-42 inches


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