Steampunk Gear Necklace


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While most Victorian jewelry is not simple, this Steampunk Gear Necklace is quite different from the average historical jewelry piece. While inspired by 19th century trends, it possesses a few stylish and ingenious modifications. Nearly one dozen different gears, cogs, and flywheels line the single chain necklace. The gears come in all different shapes and sizes in various shades of brass, copper, and silver. A gear-shaped toggle clasp keeps the necklace securely in place. The Steampunk Gear Necklace adds an extra air of refinement and unconventionality when mingling with the upper echelons of Neo-Victorian society.

Key Features:

  • Steampunk inspired costume necklace
  • Accented with multiple gears and cogwheels
  • Secured with a geared toggle clasp
  • Stylish accessory for a fashion-savvy Neo-Victorian


  • Made of zinc alloy


  • Chain Length: Approximately 18 Inches


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