Steampunk Dragonfly Gears Necklace

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The Steampunk Dragonfly Gears Necklace is a strange amalgamation of nature and steam-powered technology. It looks like a winged box of gears. It is an intriguing piece that works equally well alone or matches with a historical outfit. Esoteric is a great word to describe this piece of jewelry. It has all the appearances of an odd merger between something natural and something mechanical. The necklace features a somewhat realistic-looking set of dragonfly wings, as well as a tail. These natural parts are seemingly fused to a gear box, which now operates as the insects body. The gear box is wonderfully multilayered, and no matter how unconventional a concept it seems, the necklace is still ornately detailed. Some might see it as strange. Others might see it as beautiful. All cannot deny that the Steampunk Dragonfly Gears Necklace is intriguing.

Key Features:

  • Ornate dragonfly pendant inspired by the Steampunk genre
  • Decorated with scrollwork, gears, and cogwheels
  • Includes a matching chain with toggle clasp
  • Stylish accessory for a fashion-savvy Neo-Victorian


  • Crafted from zinc alloy with an antique brass finish


  • Chain Length: Approximately 20 Inches


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