Steampunk Deluxe Monocle

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You’ll see the world with Steampunk vision once you fit the Steampunk Deluxe Monocle over your eye. This impressive monocle is a Steampunk styled take on the eye-pieces that were once worn by men the world over as an accessory to high fashion. This monocles features all-metal construction and looks as though it was cast from burnished bronze. The eye-piece has a worn and well-used looking outer rim with a small attached bar that makes handling the monocle, including adjusting and moving the piece very easy. Attached to the small handle is a small link chain with a T-bar end, which allows the monocle to be secured to a buttoned vest or shirt. The lens of the monocle has been replaced with a polished brass design that features concentric gears. This monocle is designed to fit comfortably over one eye (either the left or the right). Traditionally, Steampunk style revives old styles and gives them a new, industrial twist, and that is exactly what it has done with the Steampunk Deluxe Monocle. Add it to your costumes to give it a spark of industrial style, as well as a touch of classic, old-world flair.

Key Features:

  • A ‘Modernized’ Steampunk Style Monocle
  • Concentric Gears Replace the Lens
  • Includes Chain with T-Bar End
  • Looks Great With All Manner of Steampunk Styles
  • Adds a Sense of Fashion to Any Look


  • Chain, Frame, and Gear Insert Crafted from High-Quality Metal Alloy


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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