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Steampunk Brocade Opera Vest

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Beautifully replicating the high fashion of the Victorian age with a stunning floral pattern and two pockets which are suitable for storing your watch, the Steampunk Brocade Opera Vest is splendid for appearing as a dapper gentleman. The front of this elegant mens waistcoat is made from vibrantly colored brocade which helps to establish the era of this design and pairs wonderfully with the poly-silk backing. Poly-silk is also used to line the interior and the inside of the two pockets. Four intricate and gleaming metallic buttons are used to fasten the two front sections, complementing the pattern of the brocade with their design. The Steampunk Brocade Opera Vest is a spectacular way to complete your steampunk outfit and its elegance is exponentially heightened when worn with the Steampunk Opera Brocade Tailcoat (DC1280).

Key Features:

  • Emulates 19th century styling
  • Front is made of brocade fabric
  • Poly-silk back, pockets, and lining
  • Adjustable buckle and strap on the back
  • Exceptional for completing a steampunk look


  • Small: 34 to 36 Inch chest
  • Medium: 38 to 40 Inch chest
  • Large: 42 to 44 Inch chest
  • X-Large: 46 to 48 Inch chest


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