Stainless Steel Skull Ring

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As you pass along the corridors of the dark catacomb, do you feel the prickle of eyes upon the back of your neck? The Stainless Steel Skull Ring displays the skeletal head of a figure whose eyes still possess far too much insight. The stainless steel ring showcases great detail with deep eye sockets and etching around the mouth, though the design only includes the top part of the jaw. The crevices and hollows of the design have been given a darkened finish to help highlight the dimensional nature of this skull ring. Fans of gothic fashion are sure to appreciate the eerie nature of this piece, which makes it a great choice for a personal accessory or gift!

Key Features:

  • Crafted from stainless steel
  • Displays detailed skull design
  • Great piece of gothic jewelry
  • An ideal gift or personal accessory


  • Face Width: 0.87 Inch


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