Staggered Pearl Headband

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With its intriguing shape and impressive appearance, the Staggered Pearl Headband is an object of great beauty. This impressive accessory is the perfect accent for any woman looking for a dazzling accessory to go with an ensemble. Unlike a classic string of pearls, this attractive piece features a staggered array of pearls in two lines, one sitting over the other, all attached to a single headband. Each pearl is connected to the band and to its neighbor by a single, delicate strand, while the center of the headband between the pearls consists of a large, woven band of many strands, creating a truly impressive piece. This attractive accessory is available in a silver coloration, and it measures approximately 0.5 inch tall. The Staggered Pearl Headband is a great addition to any wardrobe.

Key Features:

  • A Stunning yet Beautiful Pearl Headband
  • Impressively Decorated Appearance
  • Available in a Silver Coloration
  • Great for Renaissance Fairs, Weddings, Dances, and Formal Occasions


  • Height: 0.5 Inch


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