Stag Handle Layered-Steel Hunting Knife

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Rustic is a good word to describe this Stag Handle Layered-Steel Hunting Knife. The combination of a natural stag horn handle and an old-world damascus blade make this knife look like a piece of art, while still possessing a hardiness made for actual use. The rich detailing and wavy steel design of the damascus steel in this blade give it a distinctive look that others will not soon forget, while its overall design ensures a performance that its wielder will not soon forget, either. The blade features a subtle clip point design, which ensures a wide blade with plenty of belly for slashing, as well as a strong point for carving and piercing. The flared guard provides a bit of defense for the hand, as well as twin flanges for potential use in leverage for various cutting tasks and purposes. The hilt is genuine stag horn, accented with touches of polished, satin finished brass, which adds a gleaming metallic touch to its ornate look. Included with the knife is a black leather sheath with belt loop and attached scale print, which elevates the style of the sheath to better suit the knifes ornate look. Do not let a fancy design fool you, though, because this Stag Handle Layered-Steel Hunting Knife is very much a workhorse, one that is capable of performing just as well in the field as it will serve well as a unique accent in your home decor or collection.

Key Features:

  • Fully Functional
  • A Rugged and Appealing Hunting Knife Design
  • Clipped Point Excels at Both Cutting and Piercing
  • Natural Stag Horn Handle is Accented with Satin Brass Fittings
  • Includes a Scale-Adorned Black Leather Sheath


  • Blade is Damascus steel


  • Overall Length: 13.5 Inches
  • Rockwell Hardness: 52-58


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