St. George Slaying Dragon Shot Glass


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Commemorate the heroics and valiant behavior of the St. George Slaying Dragon Shot Glass in your homes collection. Based on the medieval best seller, this item captures the spirit of that fight in a fun accent glass. This item was made from glass and tin and can be a refreshing addition to your current kitchen set. The glass itself has a glossy black finish that can enhance any motif easily. The tin emblem has a stunning level of textured detail that depicts this scene wonderfully. From the scales of the dragon to the powerful stance of St. George and his horse, you can clearly see this heroic effort happening. Embrace the values and morals of this story by adding the St. George Slaying Dragon Shot Glass to your homes decor.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by medieval literature
  • Features glossy black finish and a detailed emblem
  • Ideal for gifting or collecting


  • Made from Fine Glass
  • Decorated with a Tin Emblem


  • Height: 3.37 Inches


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