Squire LARP Longsword

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If you seek something straight-forward and effective to wield against your foes, but want something a bit longer than the traditional sword, than this Squire LARP Longsword might be a blade to consider thanks to its straightforward design and long blade. The straight blade and its short guard combine to make this a well-balanced and effective LARP sword that handles like a dream. The steel colored hue of the blade and subtle detail on the pommel lend it a fine sense of realism and appeal too. The sword is made from layers of multi-density foam wrapped around a flexible carbon-fiber core. Solid and effective, this Squire LARP Longsword is a weapon without equal in terms of raw effectiveness and realistic appeal.

Key Features:

  • A high quality LARP weapon
  • Solid, sturdy, and very durable
  • Crafted from layered multi-density foam
  • Features a flexible, reinforced carbon-fiber core
  • Grip is suede wrapped for comfort
  • Reflects the look of a medieval sword
  • Well detailed for an impressive look
  • A well-balanced weapon that handles nicely
  • Safe for use in LARP events, training, sparring, and more


  • Overall Length: 38.2 Inches


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