Spider-Man Emblem Sticker


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Word is out among the petty criminals roaming the streets. A web-spinning hero has appeared with quick jibes equal to his painful blows. Display the proud trademark of your favorite superhero with the Spider-Man Emblem Sticker. This fearless crime fighter is as quick with his tongue as he is with his feet. Our friendly neighborhood spider-man brings both justice and humor to the domain. His emblem features a simple black spider hovering over a black web. Do not be fooled, there is nothing simple about this extraordinary hero. The Spider-Man may have a friendly demeanor, but his attack reaps horrendous pain and humiliation.

Key Features:

    • Decorative Marvel superhero vinyl sticker
    • Designed with the trademark logo of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
    • Features a black spider over a web with red background
    • A fantastic addition to your Spider-Man collection


    • Approximate Size: 4 Inches


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