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You are among the fiercest warriors who have ever walked the Earth, but half of every conquest is seizing the economy. Establish dominance over your tabletop gaming session when you put the Spartan Coin Set into circulation. This set of 24 zinc-alloy coins includes ten copper coins, eight silver coins, and six gold coins, all of which have been crafted to have a worn appearance, adding to their authenticity. The copper pieces depict the classic Spartan Lambda on the front and the image of a muscular hoplite on the back. The silver pieces have a Spartan building on the front and the profile of a helmet on the back, and the gold coins have a sun on the front and a commanders crested helmet on the back. The Spartan Coin Set is perfect for accessorizing your historical tabletop game or roleplay, and it also makes a fantastic set of collectibles.

Key Features:

  • Comes as a set of 24
  • Includes 10 copper coins, 8 silver coins, and 6 gold coins
  • Beautifully crafted in rich detail
  • Feature rough and worn edges to enhance authenticity


  • Crafted from zinc alloy


  • Copper: Diameter – 1.32 Inches, Thickness – 0.11 Inches
  • Silver: Diameter – 1.32 Inches, Thickness – 0.12 Inches
  • Gold: Diameter – 1.30 Inches, Thickness – 0.12 Inches


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