Sophia’s Opus Necklace

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The Sophias Opus Pendant could also be the magnum opus of any jewelry maker! Fine detailing makes this accessory a fine choice for any fantasy enthusiast to wear, while the crystalline accents ensure its ultimate appeal. The pendant depicts the ouroboros in the form of a dragon curled into a circle as it devours its own tail. Set in the dragon ring is a rotating, faceted Swarovski crystal globe, while a black Swarovski crystal dropper hangs from the bottom of the pendant. It is crafted from fine English pewter for a silver-metal look and comes with a matched chain for easy wearing. Looking deeper can reveal some spiritual and symbolic meaning in the Sophias Opus Pendant, while only a glance will still show how beautiful this glimmering accessory truly is.

Key Features:

  • Made from fine English pewter
  • Depicts a dragon ouroboros
  • Features a rotating Swarovski crystal globe and a black crystal dropper
  • Comes on a chain
  • Makes a great gift or fashion accessory


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