Snap Brim Pirate Hat and Scarf


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Transforming yourself into a mighty and fearsome pirate? Make sure that you do not forget a hat like the Snap Brim Pirate Hat and Scarf. Made from polyester ultra-suede, this hat has a classic tricorn shape formed by thin EVA foam. The sides of the hat snap to the crown of the hat. The snaps sit in the middle near the top edge of the flaps. Overall, the hat has a mottled brown appearance for a worn look. Meanwhile, the red scarf is a slightly gauzy material for a rough feel. This scarf and hat makes a great costume piece for your next Halloween party or dress-up event.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a hat and scarf
  • Classic tricorn shape
  • Sides snap to crown
  • Great for pirate characters
  • Ideal for Halloween, dress-up events, and more


  • Made from polyester ultra-suede
  • Structure is thin EVA foam

Head CircumferenceDepth
One Size23.2 inches4.5 inches


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