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In the pagan calendar, there are eight holidays, or sabbaths, that are celebrated throughout the year. And when you hang this Small Wheel of the Year Plaque up in your home, you are not likely to miss any of them, as all are clearly depicted! This plaque is round, possessing a circular shape, like that of wheel, complete with eight spokes, which divide the wheel into eight individual wedges. Each wedge is decorated with a distinctive design, which corresponds in some way to the holiday that it embodies. A Celtic spiral adorns the center of the wheel, while the outer border features two unique designs. The first are the carved names of the holidays, which start at Samhain and continues with Yule, Imbolg, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnasadh, and finally, Mabon. Also adorning the outer wheel are smaller symbols which represent the zodiac, to track the movement of the stars throughout the year (while also indicating rough times). The plaque is crafted entirely in fine resin materials, and it features a fine wood grain finish, which makes the plaque look hand carved. It might not replace your traditional calendar, but you can certainly hang it up next to one, ensuring that this Celtic Small Wheel of the Year Plaque is always right there, to keep you up to date on what next pagan holiday might be approaching.

Key Features:

  • An Original Design by Sculptor Paul Borda
  • Crafted Entirely in Fine Resin Materials
  • Based on the Pagan Wheel Calendar, which Celebrates 8 Yearly Sabbaths
  • Features a Fine, Carved, Wood Grain Finish
  • A Fantastic Home Decor Item
  • Great for Personal Use or Gifting


  • Diameter: 5.625 Inches


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