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This Small Freya Statue depicts the Norse goddess of love, who was widely claimed to be the most beautiful of the Norse goddesses. Depicted in regal elegance and grandeur, this small sculpture certainly does her legend all the detail it is due. This statue depicts Freya (or Freyja) as she stands upright, dressed in a beautiful gown that s decorated with various touches of Celtic knotwork and Norse design. Draped over her shoulders is the hawk-feathered cloak, which she uses to fly across the world, while at her waist is a sheathed sword. Freya, despite being a goddess of beauty, was also a goddess of battle, and she was a goddess from the Valkyries held in high regards, as half the valiant dead went to her hall. In the statue, a small cat accompanies Freya, as the cat is one of her prime symbols. The statue is crafted entirely in fine resin materials, and it comes in one of two finishes, either stone or pale bone. The beauty of this goddess tempers well with the war-like nature of the Vikings, and this Small Freya Statue makes for a powerful emblem, one that represents beauty and strength, in equal measure.

Key Features:

  • An Original Design by Sculptor Paul Borda
  • Crafted Entirely in Fine Resin Materials
  • A Full Depiction of the Norse Goddess of Love, Freya
  • Available in Either a Stone or a Pale Bone Finishes
  • A Fantastic Home Decor Item
  • Great for Personal Use or Gifting


  • Height: 7 Inches
  • Width: 3.75 Inches
  • Depth: 2.5 Inches


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