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Not every devil or demon wants, or even needs, long horns. In fact, you will find that sometimes, these Small Devil Horns can pack just as much of a punch, visually speaking, than a larger set of horns can, thanks to their smaller size. If larger horns make for a more overt and obvious devil, then smaller ones are the perfect accent for a more sinister and subtle devil, which can be just as frightening as a fire-and-brimstone type of devil. These horns feature a great texture that makes them look like real bone, while also being pre-painted red with black tips, to help accent the pointed profiles. The horns themselves are made entirely from high quality latex and are rather easy to apply, adhering with just a bit of spirit gum. Please note, however, that spirit gum is not included, nor is flesh latex or makeup for blending the horns to your costume. Big horns are not always the way to go. Sometimes, something smaller is needed to create that truly sinister and eerie look that is perfect for a red devil. And when you need those smaller horns, turn to these Small Devil Horns to ensure your costume looks just like a devil itself.

Key Features:

  • Spirit Gum, Flesh Latex, or Makeup Not Included
  • Simple and Easy to Apply to the Skin
  • Painted Red with Black Accented Tips
  • Perfect for Devils, Demons, and Other Infernal Creatures
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costume Parties, Theatre, and More


  • Made from High Quality, Pre-Painted Latex


  • One Size Fits Most


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