Slash and Burn Battling Dragons Art Scroll


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Traditionally, slash and burn is a term applied to agricultural land clearing techniques, but in the case of this Slash and Burn Battling Dragons Art Scroll, it is also a term that applies to war fought between two great sky-beasts. Indeed, two dragons fighting might actually raze a great deal of the land, too, although there will be much more slashing and burning directed towards one another, rather than at their respective territories. This art scroll is based on the artwork of fantasy artist Tom Wood, depicting his piece, Slash and Burn. The artwork depicts two dragons as they fly high above, entangled in battle. The dragon in the forefront is yellow and red, and it seems to be on the wing, trying to out-maneuver and outfly its foe. Caught on the dragons talon, on one wing, are tatters of blue cloth, or rather, tatters of the blue membrane that make up this dragons foe. The dragon in the background is a great blue beast, which has tired of the cat-and-mouse game of his opponent. Now, with his jaws open, this blue dragon prepares a blast of fire, as dark smoke rolls out from its maw. This wall scroll is made in polyurethane, and it reproduces the art perfectly, while featuring two black scroll ends, one of which is attached to a short black cord for easy hanging and display. The art print scroll measures approximately 12 inches long and 10 inches wide. From the ground, such a fight would indeed be a spectacle to witness. This Slash and Burn Battling Dragons Art Scroll changes the perspective, though, and makes the fight that much more exciting by giving you what amounts to a ring-side seat to be enjoyed whenever you want!

Key Features:

  • Based on the Artwork of Fantasy Artist Tom Wood
  • Depicts a Two Battling Dragons in the Air
  • Quick and Easy to Hang and Display
  • A Stunning Medieval Piece of Wall Decor


  • Made from polyurethane


  • Length: 12 Inches
  • Width: 10 Inches


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