Skullblade Dragon Metal Sign

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Not all dragons are the fierce creatures you read about in legends and myths. Some are scavengers who prefer to eat from long-dead corpses and enjoy collecting bones. The Skullblade Dragon Metal Sign depicts one such dragon. The beast in this image, which depicts the artwork of Ruth Thompson, is darkly scaled, with angular features ideal for picking meat from even the smallest of bones. A tall row of spines run down the back of the dragons neck, matching the spiked appearance of its wings. The blade that its tail is wrapped around possesses a plain handle and blade that come together at its skull-shaped crossguard. The background that can be seen behind this black dragon depicts the skulls of various animals, such as a ram and two saber-tooth tigers, each surrounded by tribal markings in shades of green. As an extra note of authenticity, the signature of the artist can be seen in the bottom right corner! This heavy, 21 gauge, rust-proof steel sign has been powder coated and printed to provide an exceptionally vivid image and is intended for indoor use, as prolonged exposure to the elements may fade the image. Each of the corners of this awesome, rectangular metal sign have been fixed with a hole, allowing for easy hanging.

Key Features:

  • Depicts the artwork of Ruth Thompson
  • Features holes for easy hanging
  • Sports beautifully dark coloration
  • Sign has been rust-proofed
  • Perfect for home decor and collections


  • Made from a heavy 21 gauge steel


  • Height: 18 Inches
  • Width: 12 Inches


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