Skull Quartet Ring

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Is there anything cooler than wearing skulls? If one skull is cool and two skulls is cooler, then four has to be even better, right? This Skull Quartet Ring makes it easy to adorn yourself with four little skulls, all in a row. This ring is made entirely from cast metal and has a faded, almost burnished hue. This ring features a narrow band that is set with four impressively detailed skulls, all sitting in a row along the top of the band. The skulls all wear matching grimaces and feature hollow, black eye sockets, giving them a stare that is blank and eerie, especially when you realize that it is not just one but four skulls that are staring. Simple and straightforward, the Skull Quartet Ring is an accessory for those who love skulls and cannot get enough of them, so if you know someone who cannot seem to ever have enough skulls on their person, then this ring is the perfect gift.

Key Features:

  • A Simple Ring Decorated with Four Skulls
  • Crafted from Burnished Grey Metal
  • A Simple Yet Stylish Design
  • Great for Men and Women
  • Great for Casual Wear or Costume Use
  • A Fantastic Personal Accessory or Gift Idea


  • Size 9: 19 mm
  • Size 10.5: 20 mm
  • Size 11.5: 21 mm


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