Skull In Hand Ring – Gold Finish

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This sinister looking skull ring is a great way to add a touch of great gothic style to just about any outfit. The Skull In Hand Ring is a skeletal accessory that features an attractive gold finish that compliments the worn look of bone quite well. This ring depicts a rather detailed looking skull as its main design. The skull is weathered and worn, featuring dark pitting across its surface that adds depth and style to its look. The skulls eyes are blank, hollow sockets, while its mouth is opened just slightly, as though grimacing. At each side of the skulls head is a skeletal hand, which seems to hold the skull in place, adding an even more sinister look to this already impressively detailed ring. This ring is a solid piece of jewelry that is metal-plated, allowing for an impressive design as well as an incredible looking gold finish. There’s no limit to who or what might find a good use for this Skull In Hand Ring, as pirates, nobles, vampires, and virtually anyone else who can benefit from a touch of gothic style or a good skeletal accessory can benefit from this amazing ring.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully Detailed Appearance
  • Features an Impressive Skull Held by Skeletal Hands
  • Metal-Plated with an Attractive Gold Finish
  • A Great Piece of mens Jewelry
  • A Fantastic Daily Accessory


  • 21 mm (Approximately a US Size 11.5)

For a perfect fit, measure (in millimeters) the inside diameter of a good fitting ring you already own and use that measurement to select your size. Remember to measure the diameter (across at the widest point), not circumference.


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