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A crown does not have to be ostentatious and overly ornate to be symbolic of power. One look at the tastefully designed Simple Queens Crown will show that even a simple crown can be as beautiful as ornate and adorned crowns. Made from plated copper, this striking crown features a relatively simple design, making use of an elegant series of curves to form a beautiful design that gradually builds on itself, creating a simple yet visually impressive form. The crown is adorned with dozens upon dozens of glimmering rhinestone decorations, including a larger decoration at the crowns dipping center, as well as riser adornments along the top of the crown. At the front of the crown, a subtle dip ends in a point, designed to add a unique shape to this simple crown. This crown is available in a striking silver coloration, and it measures approximately 2.5 inches tall. If you plan on being a queen who favors simple elegance rather than over-the-top displays of wealth and power, a more conservative crown like this Simple Queens Crown is an absolute must!

Key Features:

  • A Regal and Royal Looking Crown
  • Impressively Decorated Appearance
  • Available in Only in Silver Coloration
  • Great for Renaissance Fairs, Weddings, Dances, and Formal Occasions


  • Made from Plated Copper


  • Height: 2.5 Inches

One Size25 inches8 inches2.5 inches


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