Silver Shadow Damascus Dagger

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The look of Damascus steel is very distinctive. This Silver Shadow Damascus Dagger not only possesses that distinctive steel but has a sleek look. This dagger features a Damascus steel blade with a spear point tip. There is a flat ricasso with a makers mark. Next, there is a handguard. It has a flat top edge near the blade. While the center is flat, the sides have curves on the bottom edges. These curves fit the curves of the hand. Next, the grip has a wire wrapping and is gently barrel shaped. Finally, the handle ends with a pointed endcap. The endcap is straight, flares out a bit, and then comes back into a rounded point. Both the handguard and endcap are silver toned. This Silver Shadow Damascus Dagger makes a fantastic display piece for any collection or a personal accessory.

Key Features:

  • Spear point tip
  • Wire wrapped handle
  • Unique crossguard and endcap
  • Fantastic display piece or collectible
  • Wonderful personal accessory


  • Made from Damascus steel


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